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If your little one is approaching weaning and you are considering raising them on a plant-based diet, Kieley's advice will provide you with the knowledge to help your babies thrive. Take the worry out of starting solids and enjoy the journey of exploring food with your infant from their very first tastes.

Plant Powered Baby: Your A-Z guide to nourishing your baby from 6-12 months

A comprehensive course to starting your baby's food journey, from 6 to 12 months.

Unlock the success of your plant-based baby's feeding journey!

Have you just got into a flow with your little one and the thought of starting solid food feels too much right now? This course will step you through everything you need to know to help your little one thrive on a plant-based diet from their very first tastes.

First Tastes: The First 30 Days

Not sure where to start weaning your infant? This guide steps you through everything from understanding when to start weaning, the equipment you will need, food safety and much more.

Complete with images & instructions on how to prepare over 40 foods. This guide is 100% plant-based, suitable for vegans, vegetarians, those interested in eating more plants and babies with dairy & egg allergies.

Jess, Mum of two

"I bought a weaning book recently but I found your First 30 Days weaning guide has so much more practical information, along with (very importantly) what foods to offer. Have you thought about writing a book?!"

Your Baby Nutritional Guides

Your baby is growing and developing at an amazing speed and learning so much everyday. Weaning from around 6 months starts to top up the nutrients your infant also receives from milk.

These easy to understand and practical short guides were designed to take the confusion out of understanding how much of each nutrient your baby needs as they develop. Including why does your baby need the nutrient, which plant-based foods are great sources & how much they need as they grow.

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"I love the information My Plant Based Babies share about being plant-based as a family, it's so encouraging"

Marion who is about to start her weaning journey.


"Thanks for all of the great content you share, it's only a month until we start the weaning journey!"


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