First Tastes: The First 30 Days

Have complete confidence knowing where to start weaning your baby with this comprehensive and visual guide.

Some of the highlights:

  • The three signs your baby is ready to start weaning
  • Types of weaning (purees, BLW, combination)
  • How to prepare over 40 first foods (including images)
  • Suitable drinks
  • Choking & gagging
  • Key allergens
  • Necessities for starting weaning
  • Progression to family meals
  • All plant-based
  • 25+ pages

And so much more... Evidence based using UK guidance.


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Get total confidence in the IRON, B12 & PROTEIN requirements for your weaning baby.

Three concise guides that step through:

  • The importance of iron for your plant-based baby during weaning
  • Rapidly increasing iron requirements from birth to 12 months
  • High plant-based protein sources and your baby's changing protein needs
  • Sources of plant-based B-12 from breastmilk, formula milk & fortified foods 

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